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Gift Back Card, It’s Where You Get Back On Gift Cards!

With GBC, You Avoid All the Hassles during the Holiday Rush, Because They Get You a Way to Get the Right Gift Every Time.

A Gift Card is the #1 requested gift for the holidays for 8 years running now. It is the surest way to be sure that you get a gift that is exactly what the intended recipient wants or needs.

This site presents you with the best array of different vendors, stores, restaurants and apparel from some of the finest names and brands that you are familiar with. This site is very simple to use once you register all you have to do is peruse the many categories and choose the items that best suit your gift giving goals.

With over 20 categories and over 9000 of quality stores and other vendors to choose from there is virtually no company in America today that you cannot find on this site. You can save thousands of dollars in just one year. You can also check the status of your account and find out how much you have available to purchase gifts for friends, family, and loved ones.

You Can Give Gifts To Your Spouse, Friends, Colleges, Sons or Daughters anywhere in the World using GBC. In Almost Any Category You Can Imagine, With Gift Back Card!

You can buy gift cards in any one of the following categories:

  • Bags and Purses
  • Beauty
  • Birthday
  • Clothing
  • Credit Cards
  • Department Stores
  • Electronics
  • Entertainment
  • Flowers
  • Gas
  • Grocery
  • Health
  • Home & Garden
  • Jewelry
  • Movie Tickets
  • Restaurants
  • Shoes
  • Sporting Goods
  • Travel

You can see that, no matter what type of gift you want to give, there is a category that matches your needs perfectly.


Say Goodbye To Long Lines at the Checkout Counters!

When you visit Gift Back Card, you are immediately presented with a dazzling array of the hottest Gift cards trending at the moment.

150 of the top brands in all categories are displayed for you, which you can scroll through and with a glance see if your favorite is there.

If you don’t see what you want. You merely have to look to your left and click on a category that will then display the gift cards in the category of gift you are looking for.

If it’s Still not there? Then it is simply a matter of checking back later as the selection of gift cards is always changing as new ones are added minute by minute as they are acquired, traded, or added by the many restaurants, retail stores, or specialty shops who supply the cards and vie for you Gift Dollars.

For instance if you’re looking for bags and purses for the woman who has selective taste This site can provide for all of her needs and you don’t have to stand in line to pay for anything.

With many categories to choose in, your gift from “Gift Back Card” excels in the area of fashion accessories and spectacular hair care products made especially for the woman who is on the go and wants to look her best always.

This site highlights brand names that women trust, as they know that the products they are buying of quality that is always consistent and is Top of the Line.

Especially in the area of body care with:

  • Body Creams
  • Skincare
  • Perfumes

These products captures the pure essence of her natural attraction with their special formulations, you have the perfect scent for an exciting body mist, or creams that soften and revitalize the skin.


Gift Back Card Lets You Always Have The Best.

If you click on the Movie category under Entertainment “Gift Back Card” Lets You Always Have the Best Seats for First Run Movies at Theaters

GBC gets you in when a movie is a hot blockbuster or a romantic love story that the special someone in your life really wants to see.

Now, you do not have to scramble to get tickets because with the help of “Gift Back Card”, you are always assured of the best seat in the house. You can even buy popcorn, candy, and cold drinks at the snack bar on them as well as well.


With the Power of Gift Back Card, You Get Variety Second To None!

With the Power of “Gift Back Card”, you just have to scroll through their selections under electronics to give gifts from some of the best supplies with the best in home electronics gear.

Gifts of home computers, games, as well for home entertainment are a snap to give with the brand names you want. Again if the store you want is not displayed. Just wait a bit and it will turn up. The wait is worth it as you can save between 10,20,30 and even 40% at some of the best venues in America.

Now you can give someone the right computer game, the perfect set of headphones, or just the right music that will make them smile.


The Secret Of Gift Back Card is the large number of reputable vendors placed in a competitive environment.

They have the largest selection of Gift cards to buy, at any moment, they have over 9,000 different cards available with more coming in in real time as you watch.

You can set alerts to let you know when a certain card is available for you to claim as your own.

You’ve probably read about the scandals recently with buying Gift cards in stores with scamsters, and thieves stealing the info from the cards prior to you buying them and draining the cards before you give them!

You don’t have to worry with GBC as you have the cards in Secure Virtual Environment where you can check the balance of any card you purchase with the stores themselves and see where you stand at any moment in time.

The Cards you buy are shipped in secure packaging that ensures you get the full value on the card your purchase.

Think of Gift Back Card as an Online Gift Card Carousel that you pluck the card you want and it becomes part of your Online account for you to use or give as a gift to others.


Jewelry Flowers, Food the Perfect Combination to Say I Love You.

With Gift Back Card” selecting in these categories, you can give the gift of fine jewelry that brings a smile to the face, joy to the heart and a sparkle to the eye that says you care.

Jewelry Flowers, Food the Perfect Combination to Say I Love You Is Always a Perfect Gift to Give or Get As They Scour the World Getting You the Discounts on the Gifts You Want.

Combine that with flowers and many fine restaurants and here is the one site where you can select the eateries that suit your taste in food or that your date will enjoy.

Here they all are waiting here with the restaurants, bistros and pubs that you can sink your teeth into.

After you have made your choice, the card is shipped directly to you free of charge.


Sports Fanatics Will Love What You Got Them AS This Site Has It All!

  • For the sportster and your family whether it is basketball football or even badminton. It does not matter what the sport is.
  • Gift Back Card is always the perfect fit. The beauty of this is that you do not have to know their sizes of athletic gear they need, their shoe size, or any of their measurements for that matter.
  • GBC has the right category of gifts for the athlete, all that it takes get your favorite athlete the latest in football, basketball, baseball gear.
  • Login to you account at GBC peruse the categories under sports and make your selection and the gift card is winging its way to your door.

You can find only the best here on this site to get the just the gift, which allows them to enjoy their favorite sport at prices that are unbelievable.

In addition, shoes whether for sports, casual or formal wear also can be had with “Gift Back Card”, some of the best shoe stores. Now, you can combine fashion, practicality, and thrift in your shoe buying.

Shoes unlike children wear out quickly and one of the major costs for a family is keeping the child or children in the right size shoes and pleasing their budding fashion sense.

Now you give a friend’s children a present for the holidays that is fashionable and just what hits the spot. You can do it without robbing your piggy bank or breaking the budget.

The Shoe category at GBC is as varied as their tastes and needs. One click of the mouse and you select the gift card you desire and soon your gift of sports gear or shoes will be in their hands and a smile on their face.


You Can Even Get Your Weekly Groceries, Gas and More Here on This Fabulous Website.

Here is an exciting use for Gift Back Card”. Make you selection of the appropriate cards on GBC, you receive them, then the next time you go out:

  • Go to your local grocery store buy your week’s worth of groceries load up your car
  • Head to your local home supply outlet, again load up your car this time with products for your backyard, your pool party, or your grilling needs.
  • Before you head home stop at the local gas station and Fill up the tank, buy a few snacks, and drinks for the party or backyard grilling.

Again, you have a wide selection of to choose from “Gift Back Card” that are good at all the great stores. This is only a small sample of the many different ideas and ways YOU can use Gift Back Card in YOUR daily life as well as buying gift cards for others.


Travel: One Gift That Says it All.

Depending on the season you can find on this Gift Card Exchange, travel discounts to almost anywhere in the world.

This makes the perfect gift for someone who wants to go on vacation. But, just cannot seem to break away from the daily grind, giving the gift of travel says you really do care, especially if you travel with them which makes it an exciting and fun filled event for everyone.

Discounts can range from 10 to sometimes almost 50% depending on the time of year and the destination you choose.

With proper selection and timing, you can send someone almost any place in the world. This is especially nice for parents, who have students that are graduating, going on spring break, or on making the grade. You can give the student in your life a holiday vacation they will never forget.

GBC has some of the top Travel Agencies and airlines all competing for your business and with the slump in the travel business. Now is the time to get your Gift Back Card GBC’s large selection of Travel Professionals.


Trade, Barter, or Sell Your Old Gift Cards At GBC!

  • You can actually make money selling back gift cards or exchanging them on the gift card exchange.
  • You can sell them or trade them to many companies that buy/exchange gift cards.
  • Exchange the gift cards you receive that you do not want or to recycle them as gifts to your friends and family nor do you want to use them yourself.
  • You can trade them and get gift cards that fit the particular gift niche that you especially want to buy for that special someone or yourself.


“Gift Back Card” has a way to buy the Right Gift That Is Perfect No Matter What the Occasion

  • GBC can change the way you shop and relieve you of stress and the burden of trying to shop for the many people on your holiday shopping list.
  • You can give anything from home electronics to a night on the town complete with restaurant and movie tickets.
  • Buying groceries in today’s world where budgets are tight getting a 15 to 40% discount over the course of a year can significantly lower your food costs.
  • Buying sports equipment as a gift or for your high school age child who wants to get involved in extracurricular sports.
  • Giving gifts during the holidays ranging from coach bags, jewelry cameras almost any type of gift you can imagine purchased through this site.
  • Finally remember the college student in your life where the gift of travel during the holidays, spring break, for a graduation is a wonderful way of giving a special gift that will be remembered always.


The place you can do all of this, buy gift cards, sell gift cards, or exchange gift cards is Gift Back Card.

Start getting your discount gift cards, and giving them to the people in your life who you love, respect, or cherish.

Visit and save up to 50% off the face value of your next gift card!




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