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The good news is that many people are getting paid to do surveys. The bad news is that many of them are not getting paid enough to make this venture a worthwhile pursuit. When I first heard about paid surveys I thought it was a scam.

The reason I became skeptical is because I couldn’t find a legitimate opportunity to earn money from home and still make it more than a job. If the job was legit then it would be too easy to come by. You would just go to your local phone book and search for “sales” jobs in your area.

But then I found out that people are making $200 or more an hour doing work from home jobs. I looked at the companies offering the jobs. They are all legit and the jobs pay you pretty well. But they are not exactly what I was looking for.

Instead of going through all the survey sites I did a little bit of research and found the one with the best payout per survey. It takes two hours to setup your account. Once you have signed up you can start earning money instantly. You don’t even have to spend hours searching for survey opportunities.

A large portion of the surveys require some kind of registration and you have to log in to complete the survey. Some are quick questions where you answer as fast as you can but most are time consuming. As long as you fill out the survey properly you should have some money.

There is a way to minimize the amount of time you spend on each particular survey site. The paid survey sites I recommend are actually mobile websites. That means you don’t even have to be on the internet.

Each survey site has a unique URL that will lead you to your profile. In here you will have the link to join your company and then you can choose a survey to do. You don’t even have to leave your computer.

Now when you sign up for your membership to the service provider, there is no fee to use the website. Once you have joined you can browse the different types of surveys and the specific service that will match you with the surveys that pay well. I just finished my first survey that was paid well and I got paid to do surveys.

So how do you know if you will get paid to do surveys? Once you join you are given access to the membership database. Then you can begin applying for surveys and get paid to do surveys right away.

They pay you with a credit card to enter your information. That way you can start immediately.

What I like best about the system is that it is completely free and there is no upfront cost. If you sign up for a year membership you will get all the surveys sent to your email. It is so convenient because it eliminates the time that many survey sites take to send surveys to your inbox.

Once you get started with the free paid survey sites you can upgrade to the paid membership sites once you feel you have the time to complete the surveys. So join for free, start now and get paid to do surveys. If you do that you will be set for years to come.

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