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Why is it important to increase website traffic? Why is it such an important need for the future success of your Internet based business? Which free and expensive methods to increase website traffic there are and which ones are the best? How can you use these methods to drive quality and targeted website traffic to your website?

increase website traffic

I will try to answer these questions in this article. What exactly do we mean by quality traffic? What does it mean and how it is a necessity. And finally will you ever find the free ways to increase website traffic that really work? All of these questions will be answered.

Social media is an area of marketing that is growing very quickly. It seems that every day there is a new social media site that someone sets up. Many of them claim to be free ways to increase website traffic but they most times are not. I am going to give a few examples of these social media sites that claim to be free.

My favorite and probably the most underrated social media site are Facebook. Everyone is on Facebook, it really is an amazing tool. The problem is that there are so many marketers on this site, trying to drive traffic to their websites, that you often get lost in the crowd. This is one of the easiest ways to drive traffic to your website but there is no way to know if it works until you actually join. You can join for free but then you will not know until you start seeing sales.

YouTube is another great website traffic driving tool but again it is quite hard to drive traffic to your website with YouTube unless you have a video camera. This is another reason that social media is so good to use because it allows you to get more of your content out to the public without having to spend a ton of money to do so. Once you have your video website established, you can then drive traffic to your website by driving quality traffic to your website. Quality traffic means people that are actually interested in what you have to say or offer. You can do this by creating informative videos and posting them to video website such as Metacafe and YouTube.

Another great way to increase traffic to your website is by signing up for some of the paid advertising programs on Google. Google AdSense is a great way to start because you will only pay when someone actually clicks on the ad. You can also do pay per click search engine advertising with Google. This is also a great way to drive traffic because each time someone does a search using your keywords, you will be charged a small fee. The fee varies based on what the keyword is but usually you will not pay anything if you have over 50 keywords.

The last method I am going to discuss here is by submitting your website to off-page seo directories. By submitting your website to these directories, you will be able to get more exposure for your website because more people will be exposed to it. Not only will you be able to get listed faster, but you will also be able to get higher rankings which will increase website traffic even more.

These are just a few examples of how doing on-page SEO can increase traffic to your website. The real key is just getting more qualified visitors to your website. Getting qualified visitors means getting quality traffic from websites that are relevant to yours.

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